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Expand your influence and confidence
with David Otey's proven process.

Overcome Self-Doubt and
Embrace the Power of Your Message

The Speaker’s Quick Guide
to Presenting with Confidence

How do you respond when presented with an opportunity—or challenge—to speak in front of an audience? Do you recoil in horror? Or do you embrace the opportunity to be an agent of change? It seems a given that most people have a deep-seated fear of public speaking. But do they? Do you? Maybe it’s not fear. Maybe it’s a nagging worry that your story isn’t worth sharing. Maybe it’s concern about your promotion prospects when presenting to your boss. Or maybe’s it’s a healthy level of nervousness, like what performers embrace before going onstage.

Whatever your gut response may be, this book can help you feel more confident in any speaking situation. You will learn how to ward off that little voice that says, “You are not worthy.” You will see how to shift your focus to your audience and away from yourself and your nerves. You will discover practical tips and techniques for making a positive impression and appearing confident and in control—even in emotionally loaded situations.

Take control. Present with confidence!

The Speaker's Quick Guide to Presenting with Confidence by David P. Otey

Overcome the Nine Major Pitfalls
Between You and Getting Your Point Across

The Speaker’s Quick Guide
to Technical Presentations

It is a fact of life that scientists, engineers and other technical professionals are often called upon to give technical presentations. What separates the best ones—the ones that are memorable and make a difference—from the boring ones that are quickly forgotten? In a word, connection. As former engineer David Otey explains in this book, effective presenters know how to connect with their audience so that their information transfer is successful.

Fortunately, the techniques for creating a stronger audience connection are readily understandable and scientifically sound. Here, they are presented in the form of a roadmap for avoiding the nine most common pitfalls that lead to a disconnected, bored audience. You will learn how to focus on the needs of your audience, how to present your evidence clearly, and how to make your presentation engaging and memorable—no matter how technical the topic!

The Speaker's Quick Guide to Technical Presentations by David P. Otey

Connect with Any Audience and Deliver
a More Meaningful, Memorable Message!

The Speaker’s Quick Guide
to Telling Better Stories

“Tell a story, make a point.” That’s the advice often given to speakers. But how do you tell a story well enough to make your points clear and memorable? How do you use stories to forge a connection with your audience? What are the storytelling tools that the world’s best speakers use?

These are some of the questions David Otey answers in this practical, accessible book. In it, you will learn what Grand Bargain every speaker must make with the audience, and how to uphold your end of it. You will learn the three key objectives every story should achieve, and how to accomplish them using your newfound tools for story construction and delivery.

You’ll learn the right amount of description to include, and—most important—what to leave out to give your stories more impact. You’ll even pick up techniques for revealing the humor lurking in your stories, because an audience that laughs is an audience that learns.

The Speaker's Quick Guide to Telling Better Stories by David P. Otey