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Amplifying Impact:

David Otey's Approach to Technical Communication

Whether you are preparing for a conference, pitching your research, or presenting to stakeholders, David Otey gets it. He understands the challenges facing you and your team of experts when it comes to communicating technical material to a variety of audiences.

Once, while working as a broadcast engineer, David had the opportunity to present at a conference of his peers. Just after lunch (i.e., naptime), people began dozing off as he labored through his presentation. He knew then something had to change.

Thus, he began his study of effective communication. He was soon thrown into the fire, leading the training on a new digital technology for more than 10,000 TV engineers and technicians. To accomplish that monumental task required buy-in from hundreds of previously reluctant executives, vendors, and engineers across an entire industry.

Now, David is passionate about using what he has learned to help scientists and engineers amplify their impact through exceptional presentations. Skilled professionals who work with David discover how to put Connection before Content and Empathy before Evidence™.

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