Engineer Your Speaking™

Expand your influence and confidence
with David Otey's proven process.

David P. Otey, MA, MBA

You want your work — and the work of your organization — to get the attention and respect it deserves. That requires more than good technical skills. It requires outstanding communication skills, as well. And nowhere is that more true than when it’s time for a presentation. How do you keep your audience curious, engaged, and wanting to hear more, without “dumbing down” your content or compromising your intellectual integrity?

When you learn to Engineer Your Speaking™, you will…

  • Discover how to put the focus where it belongs: on your audience, not your information.
  • Put your work in context by using scientifically proven storytelling techniques.
  • Gain the confidence that comes from mastering tools used by the very best speakers.
  • Become known as the trusted, go-to expert in your field.

A former engineer himself, David is now a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and certified speaking coach. Now he works with both individuals and organizations to help other technical experts sharpen their presentation skills so they can build confidence and expand their influence.

What Audience Members Have to Say

"Fantastic! I wish I would have heard these things 20 years ago!"
"Demonstrated how important story-telling is to keep the audience engaged."
"Excellent program, which provides fresh ideas for presenting."

Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching

The processes David Otey teaches will enable you to...

Ensure your message is clearly understood.

Speak with greater confidence.

Avoid over-dependence on slides.

Ensure each point is retained and remembered regardless of your listeners' learning styles.

Maintain connection, energy, and control of attention right through to the end by practicing the five essentials of a successful question-and-answer session.

Make your message actionable, memorable, and relatable.

What Clients Have to Say

"Working with David has been the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience. His coaching not only helped me to develop a well-crafted speech, but it also gave me the confidence and performance skills I needed to deliver it."
Tammy Mehlhaff
"After this presentation for TEDX Billings, it was the most amazing thing, the number of people who came up to me and told me that they felt like they were right in the middle of the story with me - that it impacted them to a different degree because they felt the story and didn't just hear it."
Sherry Winn
Former Olympian, Award-Winning Speaker
"David, I just successfully defended my dissertation and received so many compliments about the style and approach I used for the podium presentation... I was nervous going against the grain for this important presentation, but I'm glad I did and was able to channel many of your effective techniques!"
Heather Boyce, PhD
Gov't Scientist