Presentation Skills Training for Engineers

What would it be worth to you if your top technical experts were also your top communicators?

Too often, organizations that employ scientists, engineers, and other highly trained experts settle for reduced expectations when it comes to how they present their work. “We’ll leave that to the science communicators,” they may say. Or, “You know how it is with these high-level thinkers—we can’t all expect to understand them.”

What does it cost you when your company’s valuable ideas are not clearly communicated to others?

Like skills in research and problem-solving, communication skills are transferable. That includes the skills of connecting with an audience and relaying information in a way that is clear and memorable. When your skilled professionals are able to improve their presentation skills and be seen as the go-to experts they really are, your whole organization benefits.

Give your technical professionals the skills they need to be successful. Here’s how to get started:


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David P. Otey

David Otey gets it. He understands the challenges of presenting technical material. In the 1990s, while working as a broadcast engineer, David had the opportunity to present at a conference of his peers. Just after lunch (i.e., naptime), people began dozing off as he started to narrate his slides. He knew then something had to change. Thus, he began…


“David, I just successfully defended my dissertation and received so many compliments about the style and approach I used for the podium presentation… I was nervous going against the grain for this important presentation, but I’m glad I did and was able to channel many of your effective techniques!”

Heather Boyce, PhD

Heather Boyce, PhD

“The reason we keep on having David Otey come back to us is that he has the information that our members care about.”

–L. R., Education Manager, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

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