Presentation Skills Training for Scientists & Engineers

How do you turn your work into your success?

You are a smart, highly educated professional with important information to share. But, as we all know, in the world of science and engineering, your success depends on the effective communication of those hard-earned ideas, discoveries, and solutions.

With the right coaching, the best public-speaking tools, and the confidence to use them well, you can achieve that success.

David P. Otey is the presentation-skills expert who can help you succeed in your public speaking. With a background in physics and 25 years in engineering, David is not just a speaker and coach—he is your peer. He understands your challenges, gets how you think, and can guide you to where you want to be.

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David P. Otey ~ Tech Speaker

David P. Otey
Eureka Well Told

David Otey gets it. He has been where you are. He knows how hard it is to connect with an audience and hold their attention when the content gets technical. The problem isn’t you! The problem is the way the human brain works when taking in novel information. The solution, therefore…

“David, I just successfully defended my dissertation and received so many compliments about the style and approach I used for the podium presentation… I was nervous going against the grain for this important presentation, but I’m glad I did and was able to channel many of your effective techniques!”

Heather Boyce, PhD

Heather Boyce, PhD

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